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Session Recordings Hold the Key, But Time is Precious

User session recordings are a UX goldmine. They reveal exactly how people interact with your product, highlighting friction points and areas for improvement.

But as a product manager, you know that time is your most valuable resource. Sifting through hours of recordings isn't feasible when you have a million other priorities.

That's where crucial insights get buried. Potential optimizations that could boost user satisfaction and product success remain hidden within those recordings.

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We Analyze, You Optimize

About Insightreel
About Insightreel
About Insightreel

Our team of UX experts meticulously reviews your session recordings.

We don't just list observations; we deliver a prioritized list of improvement opportunities.

Each insight comes with actionable recommendations, empowering your team to drive positive UX changes.

We Analyze, You Optimize

About Insightreel

Our team of UX experts meticulously reviews your session recordings.

About Insightreel

We don't just list observations; we deliver a prioritized list of improvement opportunities.

About Insightreel

Each insight comes with actionable recommendations, empowering your team to drive positive UX changes.

How it works

Sign up

Start your journey towards product betterment by simply signing up for the service of choice.


Setup Instructions

Upon sign-up, you'll receive an email from us with some questions, and detailed instructions on how to set up or provide us access to your session-recording tool.


Expert Analysis

One of our experienced UX experts will delve into your product and session recordings. By observing every click, scroll, and interaction, we will gather a detailed understanding of user behaviors on your platform.


Insights & Improvement

We'll transform our observations into a comprehensive report, outlining insightful data and clear points of improvement.


Flexible Reporting Options

At InsightReel, we adapt to your needs. You can request detailed reports as a one-off service whenever you need, or choose one of our subscription options for continuous monitoring and reporting.


Direct Window into User Behavior

Unlike many services that rely heavily on abstract data analysis, InsightReel provides you a unique approach with a direct window into your users' interactions. By replaying and analyzing actual user sessions, we ensure an authentic perspective that truly represents your users' experiences.


UX Expertise

Our team is composed of UX experts with extensive experience. Their meticulous approach to analyzing countless user session recordings ensures you get the most in-depth and comprehensive insights about your product.

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Actionable Insights

Our findings aren't just analytical reports; they are actionable insights. We give you concrete improvement points based on actual user behavior, enabling you to implement targeted strategies for product enhancement.


Flexible Services

We understand the dynamic nature of businesses, and we offer flexible service options. Choose between ad-hoc reports or one of our subscription options to suit your needs.


A Focus on Balance

Data is critical, but so is human behavior. We champion a balance between data analysis and user behavior observation, eliminating 'paralysis by analysis.'

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Continuous Improvement

With InsightReel, the process of product enhancement is never-ending. We take pride in offering a consistent focus on user behavior analysis, ensuring continuous improvements for your offerings.


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À la carte

Single Report

Our most flexible option. Get a report on-demand, whenever you need an audit or peace of mind.

$999per report


1 Report / Month
$799per month
Save 20%
Cancel Any Time

Get scheduled insights and issues in your inbox, every month.

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2 Reports / Month
$1399per month
Save 30%
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Every two weeks, you get our top uncovered issues and insights in your inbox.


4 Reports / Month
$1999per month
Save 50%
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Stay on top of every issue as it surfaces, with an update report every week.

Got a question?

Q: What tools do you use for recording and analyzing user sessions?

We leverage the capabilities of renowned tools such as Hotjar and Mouseflow to record user sessions. Our UX experts then utilize these recordings to perform in-depth analysis and provide actionable insights.

Q: How long does it take to receive the report after signing up?

The time it takes to deliver your report depends on the complexity of your product and the volume of user sessions. Generally, you can expect to receive the report within a week of providing us access to your session-recording tool.

Q: What information will be included in the report?

Our comprehensive report will provide detailed insights on user interactions, highlighting any observed issues or bottlenecks. We also include actionable suggestions for improvements and possible enhancements, tailored to your product.

Q: Can you analyze user sessions for any kind of digital product?

Yes, our team of UX experts are skilled in analyzing user interactions for a wide range of digital products, from websites and mobile applications to complex software platforms.

Q: What if I need additional analysis or have specific areas of concern?

We are flexible in our services. If you have specific areas of concern or need additional analysis, please let us know and we'll tailor our investigation accordingly.

Q: How often can I receive reports if I subscribe to a continuous monitoring option?

Our subscription options are designed to provide regular insights. The frequency of reports is customizable and can be discussed during the subscription setup. Common options include monthly or quarterly reports.

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